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4 Best Ways to Enjoy Food and SCR888 Online Casino Games Together

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After calming my mind and brainstorming new innovative ways to step up my hedonistic repertoire, we figured that the effects of eating variety of foods while indulging in SCR888 online casino  fun. Even if this is not the coolest idea you’d find online but I still hope that someone will find this piece of information to be useful. Somehow.

Careful scientific experiment and consideration are all considered while making these suggestions. A small group of volunteers who had all understood and signed the safety disclaimer before carrying out the test. My job is taken very seriously and it would be ugly on my resume if anyone of you took any of the fluff below seriously and experience any negative effect.

This list of suggested game/food pairings is put together through trial and error with a few split drinks and messy keypads. Mess factor of each type of food was factored against its tastiness, and the ease of procurement and tested with a variety of scr888 game types ranging from brain-dead, acute anxiety-inducing and high preoccupation. Well, let’s get to the point and here are four wonderful ways you can enjoy food and SCR888 online casino Malaysia at the same time.

  1. Monkey Thunderbolt + Ice Cream Float Casino Online Game

Monkey Thunderbolt is a game in SCR888 where players must choose their own race-monkey and watch them compete with other simians race to the top of a pole ( similar to King Derby). Monkey Thunderbolt brings a huge excitement to the players, causing many of the volunteers to get acute anxiety attacks ( especially they are getting money from their own wallet to play the game) resulting in a few accidental choking incidents.

Luckily most of the casualties were saved by our on-hand emergency staff, using the Heimlich maneuver. It was clear from the results of the experiment that this game/food pairing was unacceptably high and no monkey will ever worth the risk of losing your life.

On the upside, having the sweet ice cream float to melt in your mouth helped calm nerves, satisfy cravings and boost your emotions. But, not many enjoyed consuming ice cream in an air-conditioned room.

Note: Consider to have lighter beverages such as tea or coffee, but these are hardly considered as food. The undiluted ice cream was also considered, but the added effort proved to distract the players from the game.


  1. SCR888 Online Casino Slot Games + Chips

In SCR888 online casino, the closest thing you could find to brain-dead is probably the slot games. This is why i thought it would be the great idea to let the player get some real nutrition and exercise for the mandible, as the main objective of this experiment was revolved around the health and well-being of the players.


Chips and slot games were proved to be a perfect match through tests. All the volunteers agreed that chips were perfect when they still had one free hand to get a snack while the other still could get occupied with the “lever” button whenever it was ready to be pressed.


Many thought the lever-pulling slot games were more fun than the digitalized slot games due to the lack of actual level-pulling action. The voice of “chink, chink, chink” of a lever-pulling slot game made the player even more excited whenever a jackpot was made. Also, online scr888 casino slot games prevented the cleaning process as the players might actually stuff coin slots with chips. This is considered as a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Note: Chips can be replaced by Twisties, Wotsits, Jack and Jill chips, or whatever is accessible to you.

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  1. Fishing Star + Gummies (or other tasty tidbits that lasts in the mouth).

Fishing Star is an action-oriented game where a shootie turret is controlled by the players to shoot fish or other things for points. It requires your full attention and twitches and shoots reflexes while you’re playing this type of game (similar to Ocean King 2).


The scr888 game technically only requires one hand to play (the player controls the direction of the turret by touching the smartphone’s screen), so the level of attention required left many players glued to the screen – and neglecting whatever they were eating. Even if you try on purpose, it was extremely difficult to do both activities simultaneously.


Gladly we figured that melt-in-mouth candies and tidbits were perfect as you would only need to put in your mouth and let it be “forgotten”. Tidbits lasted longer in the mouth which was more preferable, as you would not have to frequently pop a new tidbit into your mouth. Gummies, candies and other small bits were best.


  1. Poker + Anything, Short of Full Meals.

SCR888 live casino poker games with many variations are all slow and deliberate games that require your luck and skill. It is not as intense as other games as it requires you to think a bit. You only need a finger to play the digitalized poker game which means that you can actually eat any food while at it.

The only exception would be full meals such as steak as both of your hands would be occupied. Of course. It still can be done. Many are willing to shift their attention back and forth to the food and the game. Players who did this realized that they enjoyed the game even more.

But, while the players enjoyed playing and eating at the same time, the other players might not appreciate the extra delay between turns, which was worse when there were many players involved in a single game. They also complained that the amazing wafts coming from the food was very distracting, disrupting their ability to play their best and thus was deemed a very unfair advantage.


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